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About Catriona

Catriona smiling with felted sheep, felting equipment and magpie paintings beside her


Catriona uses wool, watercolour, photography and found materials to create simple, evocative art which captures the details of the natural world and reflects the changing seasons.

The bird and plant life of her childhood home in County Clare and the many places she has lived across Scotland provide the inspiration for much of her work.

Catriona sketching kingfishers with pastel
Catriona smiling whilst needle felting, vase of flowers and pot plants


She is grateful to belong to a creative family of knitters, carpenters, artists, gardeners, crafters, quilters, writers and boatbuilders who support and inspire her.

Catrion looking at a magpie in her painting, like they are looking at each other
Catriona holding a painting of bees in flight in front of her face
Catriona holding felting needles between her fingerswith a funny face